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Welcome to Holistic Motherhood in the New Age!

This book serves to awaken women to the spirituality of motherhood, while empowering them with practical wisdom in caring for themselves and their children at every level- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental – in an era of redundant information, technology, conveniences and degeneration of our planet. Making the right choices for wholesome health and wellbeing is becoming a challenge.

This book is really the need of the hour for every mother! It comes complete with awareness of holistic principles, basic illustrations of baby massage, self-massage showing marma points and directions, glossary of common herbs and their therapeutic applications in day-to-day ailments, an essential nutrients chart indicating their common food sources, postnatal recipes for Mommy and Baby, a list of local resources for authentic holistic products and services in Bangkok, metabolic-type quiz and guidelines, and a lot of practical information and wisdom to help steer our choices towards the natural holistic way.

- Excerpt from the book

After childbirth, we are at the threshold of a new beginning. A new life is about to begin, and we want to make the right choices…
I desire for every mother to make confident and informed choices for herself and her child at the onset of life. This would lay a holistic foundation in terms of health, relationship and wellbeing in years to come. Above all, I want to inspire motherhood in the modern woman.
I sincerely hope this book will serve to crystallize and preserve such holistic wisdom at a juncture of time when we need a balance between the new and the old. I wish for this manual to be a reliable companion to a new Mom, gently guiding her with love, assurance and humor as she embarks on a beautiful journey.
This could be a legacy you and I could pass on to our daughters and granddaughters, a wonderful tribute to motherhood.


"Well done and well written! A book like this is the need of the hour in the current era. Many mothers and children can be saved the time, resources and suffering which are otherwise incurred in undoing the harm caused by a few indiscriminate medical practices which involve strong medication to children, including certain vaccinations. I wish the author and this book every success.”
Ratamanee Madan, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N., Canada), an Alternative Medicine Practitioner, and a Mother

“This manual is an essential support book for all mothers.  It does a remarkable job in introducing Ayurveda in a clear and easy to read style. It is full of  practical tips and advice on food and lifestyle for modern day mothers and provides simple guidelines on how to apply Ayurveda during postnatal care. There are also recipes and massage techniques for both moms and babies, along with nutritional and herbal charts.  It is a great book for moms looking for quick kitchen remedies for common aches and pains. I wished this book was available when my children were small, as it contains an extensive list of commonly used herbs that could be used as preventive medicine in lieu of all the conventional medicines I gave my children! The book makes a great gift and is an indispensable household resource book. Definitely an eye-opener on the wonders of Ayurveda.” Kittima Sethi, Freelance Writer and Editor, and a Mother (April 10, 2009)



Post Natal Care book






Author: Dimple Duangthip Arora. A certified diet and nutrition advisor from Stonebridge associated colleges, London, and is also trained in Yoga, reflexology and holistic psychology. For detail please visit goldenawareness.

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